AWNI: I was born and raised in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois and moved to sunny Phoenix, Az in 2001. I enjoy creating art/painting, exercising, hiking expeditions, love the outdoors, travelling, spontaneous adventures, reading, going to live music shows, good eats, comedy shows, and mediation/yoga. I am a student of life. I have an appetite for learning and trying new things, always working on self-development and a higher level of consciousness. I question everything in life; a deep thinker. Life should be lived outside of our comfort zones. In our spare time, we love to relax with our five furry babies five cats and two dogs. They bring so much joy and unconditional love. We do enjoy donating our time to animal shelters/adoption centers throughout the Valley. I'm truly grateful and lucky to have such an amazing, supportive partner in my life.


CHANTELL: I'm a small-town girl with big city dreams; born and raised in Elko, Nevada. I moved to Phoenix in 2006 and worked at Toni & Guy high-end salon as a Manager/hairdresser before joining forces with Awni in real estate. Watching my parents dream home being built from the ground up and watching the home come to life through different stages right before my eyes, inspired me and my creative side at a very young age. I enjoy travelling, playing with our five cats and 2 dogs, working out, stretching and yoga. I love cooking new healthy recipes, reading health/holistic books, poetry and quotes. We have been fortunate enough to connect our passion for animals & helping them find new homes, art, music, design and combine them all with our love for real estate. I am blessed beyond measure to have my family and the love of my life right by my side. "Love the life you live. Live the life you love"


“Their expertise helped me price the property right and their enthusiasm helped me sell the property fast.” ~ Kristin Clark, Satisfied Seller 


We help people buy, sell, and invest in real estate.

We also help landlords with tenant placement services. We help you by placing qualified tenants into your property. You can then choose to have it property managed professionally, or manage it yourself. Call us for details and a Free consultation at 480-788-4118. 

Attention Landlords: Low Flat Fees. No UPFRONT Fees. No Marketing Fees. No Cancellation Fees. Pay AFTER Tenant Placement. We provide full tenant screening, showings, contract services and much more. Contact us today for details and a Free consultation and a Free rental analysis. 

Attention Homebuyers: There is NO COST to you to be professionally represented by us for the purchase of your home. Contact us today for details and a Free consultation.

Attention Homesellers: We have various commission/marketing packages and flat rate plans for every type of home seller who is interested in selling their home. We understand every home seller has different needs and will help you determine which plan best suits you. Contact us today for details and a Free consultation.

Do you need to sell your house in Phoenix? Quickly Sell Your House in Any Condition. Easy. No obligation. Cancel anytime. Sell your house in days or pick your move out day. We also buy houses in CASH. Request a free home price quote today.

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We also provide real estate consulting services (assist with contracts, negotiations, wholesaling, assignments, options, lease purchases, carrybacks, investing, etc)

We also help landlords with tenant placement, full service.

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Like a foundation of a property needs to be solid so that the property can be built to withstand time and circumstance, so too does the trust we build with you. Trust to us means you never have to wonder if we are acting in your best interest because our actions show you that we are. Knowing that we are transparent and act with integrity, no matter what the circumstances, will offer you peace of mind. We put our best foot forward to treat you as we want to be treated and value our relationship with you, which we hope will last well beyond our business together.  


Service is not just a word we throw around to impress you. Service means we put our blood, sweat and tears into working for you. Service means that we are right there next to you because your goals are our goals. Service means every client and every project is both personal to us and gets equal and fair treatment. This includes clear, frequent, and fast communication, real estate education, flexible service options, and cancel-anytime contracts with zero penalties. Whatever it takes to make your dreams come true, we have the service to make it happen! AND THAT’S 7 STAR SERVICE!  


Value is a subjective measure. Because value is different to everyone, we strive to offer you the value that your real estate needs. That means we will accommodate your wants and needs inside and out. It also means that we will work with you at any stage. Whether you are a first-time home buyer looking for a starter property or a developer looking to tear down and build to sell big, we will provide value to help you meet your goals. 


Timing is life and real estate is everything. Thus, we aim to be responsive to all your needs, big or small, in a manner that ensures you feel well taken care of. That may be a returned call in as little as five minutes or helping you from across the country via Skype or Zoom (video conferencing). This also means that when we help manage your process for you, we respond professionally to the needs of the entities we interact with on your behalf, such as banks, title, inspectors and agents, which we view as a part of the team. Our goal is to ensure we are able to address any need surrounding your business in a manner that helps the process feel smooth as silk and have a positive outcome. 


Negotiation is more than what you see on TV shows or read in books. Negotiation is about securing a win-win for everyone involved. Our expertise in negotiation means we will fight to get you the best possible deal using every tool in our real estate tool belt. It also means we will to be honest with you and let you know when we think what we negotiate is truly in your best interest. Moreover, when we negotiate, we do so with respect for everyone involved because to us relationships and how we treat people matter. With that in mind, we will not settle without securing the best possible outcome for you, whether it be full asking or grants to help you achieve your dream of homeownership     


To us, local means more than just telling you about the nearby school systems, the nearby shopping and entertainment, or how great the view is. When we discuss local knowledge, we discuss how a local street may affect property value due to traffic, how planned development may affect your potential property years down the road, and why something as small as how the sun sets on your property will affect your lighting needs. To us, local means drilling down to how the little things about the area you want to buy or sell in will affect you in the short and long term.


We know the process of buying, selling, investing, owning, or developing a property can be tedious and nuanced. That is why a part of our promise is our intimate knowledge of every step in the process of your project and how to systematically navigate each step with as little hassle to you as possible. Our in-depth knowledge of the process equals the best outcome for your real estate goals because we can predict and proactively react to the needs of your project and, in turn, avoid stress and frustration for all involved parties. 

We are also members of the National Association of Realtors, Phoenix Association of Realtors, West Maricopa Association of Realtors.

 “Their expertise helped me price the property right and their enthusiasm helped me sell the property fast.” ~ Kristin Clark, Satisfied Seller 

See you soon!

Awni and Chantell 




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